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healthy dogs

If you are worried about the health of your dog

you need to read thisbecause...

Now you can prevent a health condition deteriorating and can even reverse a serious, degenerative illness, in one simple step

It wasn’t many years ago when domestic dogs lived long and trouble-free lives. Now, despite all the modern veterinary care and special diets, domestic dogs lead shorter lives and suffer with more health problems.

Dear Fellow Dog Carer

You are probably reading this because you have concerns about your dog’s health. Maybe you have taken him to a veterinarian and they have given you a worrying diagnosis.

Maybe they have told you his treatment is expensive, perhaps beyond your means. Whichever way you look at it, veterinary care is not cheap.

What can you do? You love your dog. You would do anything for him. But there simply aren’t the means for his treatment. Do you just leave things alone, hoping for the best? Do you surrender him to a rescue centre? Do you consider the inconsi

derable, the ultimate?

Perhaps you do have the means to pay for your dog’s veterinary treatment, but you don’t feel comfortable with all the medication. After all, you made a switch to alternative health yourself, to your enormous benefit. Surely there is something alternative ‘out there’ for dogs too?

And you’re right. There are plenty of alternatives. That are highly effective AND economical. There are many more ways to help your dog than the veterinary way.

Many moons ago, in another life it often seems, I consulted a vet with a sick cat (I didn’t have a dog at the time, but the same principle applies). He asked me what I was feeding my cats. Although he tut-tutted when I told him (typical commercial cat food), he made no attempt to tell me why what I was doing was wrong, or how I could easily make some changes. Maybe he had said it too many times before and it kept falling on deaf ears.

But I remembered.

In the mid 1990’s I had a sea change in my life. I began studying homeopathy. I also started to research dog and cat health and diet. What I discovered astonished me, upset me and made me angry.

I bought books written by homeopathic and other holistic vets, detailing exactly what commercial dog food contains and what this was doing to your dog’s health. They showed how a simple change of diet could cure, yes cure, chronic degenerative diseases which many vets were recommending death as the only option.

Things like leukemia. Things like cancer. And of course, all the other, less serious, but none the less troublesome health problems.

I read about Dr Pottenger’s dietary experiments with cats in the 1930s and the conclusions he reached. I studied Dr Edward Bach’s discoveries, in the 1920s, about the human intestines and what foods upset the delicate balance of the essential bowel flora.

So I set about converting my dog to a healthy diet. I made a lot of mistakes. But we came through the experience. She was only a young puppy at the time, but had categorically refused the tinned food I had presented her with, when she saw the food I was feeding my cats. So I had to rapidly learn the best diet for dogs, too. There are similarities between the two, but there are also big differences.

At the time, I did yearn for some help in this process. But I was determined. However I became aware that many people would easily fall at the difficulties they can encounter. So, I decided to write about how you too can make these radical changes, much more easily than I did.

Imagine for a moment, that you brought up your children on fast food and junk food. Then you discovered the benefits of real food and decided to make a change. You would have a riot on your hands.

Some dogs don’t like change, either, especially the older ones. Some dogs can experience a detoxing period, which looks alarming, but is a very healthy sign. So it can take time, persistence, knowledge and often support, to help you and them through the change. To help their body adapt. To make sure you are providing all the essential nutrients.

In the early days, there may be times you feel it’s not worth the effort. At times, you may feel that you are not a good dog carer. But it is worth the trouble. The benefits are enormous.

I qualified as a professional homeopath in the year 2000 and have been in full time practice ever since, treating both humans and their animals. And the rewards have been exceptional. It is difficult to describe the feeling you have, when a terminally ill dog bounces back to life, much to the astonishment of their person. And all this from a simple change of diet and good homeopathic treatment.

So now, I want to empower you. I want you to be able to achieve similar results. I want to show you how it is possible to make a simple change in how you feed you dog, to enjoy the benefits of his good health. You can make the necessary changes without the difficulties I had.

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