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Homemade Healthy Dog Treats

More and more dog owners prefer to give homemade healthy dog treats to their beloved dog because of the arising health dangers of commercial dog foods. If you want to belong to the population of dog owners who want to give homemade healthy dog treats, read on.

Homemade healthy dog treats are safer and healthier. It is easy to prepare as well.  Below are some tips on how to prepare homemade healthy dog treats.

Raw healthy dog treats

1. Your dog will always love meat because they want protein. Choose fresh meat only for your healthy dog treats. It is highly recommended that you purchase the meat from meat processor and butcher. You are guaranteed that you will get the best and fresher meats. To get meats at cheaper rates, buy in bulk order. You can even request the butcher to grind or cut the meats on your desired size.

2. Use stewing meats, lean beef, beef liver, beef heart and boneless roast or steak. You can also choose leg of lamb, boneless stewing lamb and shank. Chicken fillet, skinless or boneless chicken are also good options for healthy dog foods.

3. Opt to add vegetables such as cucumber, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, carrots, beets, parsnips, broccoli, yams and sweet potatoes. Dogs need these vegetables to have the proper nutrients. Take note, you should choose fresh vegetables.

4. Do not choose vegetables that will give digestive problems to your dogs that will result to damaged red book cells. These vegetables are bell peppers, potato, tomato, onions, garlic, beet greens, peas, spinach, beans, peas and chard.

5. You need to know the right amount of food to provide your dog. For instance, if your dog is already adult, compute it by multiplying by 0.4 his body weight. The resulting equivalent will be the amount in ounces that your dog must eat per day. You can either give it in one meal or divide it one in the morning and one in the evening.

6. Chop the vegetables and meats into small chunks that will allow your pet eat easily.

7. Serve to your dog.

Cooked healthy dog treats

1. Follow the above tips in choosing meats and vegetables.

2. Cook your chosen meat or vegetable. However, it is not required that you cook whatever food you want to give your dog but there are pet owners who would want to serve their pet cooked foods.

3. Make sure that you cook the meat slightly to retain its quality – tender and juicy. This is to best provide nutritional value to your dog. Remember, once the food is heated, it can kill its nutrients.

4. Just lightly steam the vegetables that you will add before combining it to the cooked food. Take note, just add the recommended vegetables mentioned above.

5. Before giving your dog the cooked homemade healthy dog treats that you prepared, make sure that it is not hot. Test the different areas of the food. Let it stand first before serving it to your dog.

Preparing homemade healthy dog treats will ensure that you are giving enough nutrients your dog needs. Follow the above tips and prepare your own homemade healthy dog treats today.

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