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Nature's Variety Prairie Dry Dog Food

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Nature’s Variety Prairie Nutrition

Pure, Authentic Nutrition for your Dog
Your dog is a special member of your family, and he depends on you for love and care. He deserves the best nutrition.
Nature’s Variety Prairie Nutrition
Prairie is the ideal blend of meat, poultry
or fish proteins, hearty whole grains, and healthy fruits and vegetables to give you and your pets a long and happy life together. Made with pure, authentic ingredients from nature, Prairie Kibble is full of natural goodness. Your dog will love the taste, and you’ll love feeding them a wholesome and nutritious diet. Feed a variety of proteins for optimal health and happiness.
Feed a Variety for Better Health
The Importance of Variety

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To provide more variety and excitement at mealtime, all Nature’s Variety foods are specially formulated so that you can easily feed a variety of flavors (like chicken, lamb, and salmon) and/or forms (kibble and cans). That means your dog can enjoy chicken one day and lamb the next without digestive upset! Feeding a broader variety of forms and flavors will transform your dog’s mundane mealtime routine into an exciting, satisfying experience. Also, feeding a variety of proteins can help prevent the development of food allergies over time. Why Choose Nature’s Variety?
At Nature’s Variety, we’re passionate about giving you and your pet a long, healthy, and happy life together. As a leader in natural pet nutrition and the expert in Raw Frozen Diets for pets, our purpose is to help you transform your pet’s life through pure pet nutrition choices. Our wholesome foods are made in America’s Heartland with the highest standards of integrity and care because that’s what your pet deserves.
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The real results that our customers experience every day are truly transformational – our foods have been credited with easing food allergies, helping with weight loss, improving skin and coat, and enticing picky eaters. These transformational results inspire us to spread the word about pure pet nutrition. Thanks for trusting Nature’s Variety to give your pet the purest nutrition for the best life possible

Product Description

Nature's Variety Prairie Brand Dry Kibble Diets are designed to be rotated freely for variety and optimal nutrition. Emphasis is put on fresh meat as the first and prominent ingredient of each diet. The grains present in these diets are only whole grains; never inferior grain fractions. All Nature's Variety products are naturally preserved with vitamins and herbal extracts, and sealed in oxygen limiting packaging. Fresh meat is the first ingredient in each formula. Meat and organs make up nearly 40% of the ingredients in each production batch of Nature's Variety. Most dry, kibble diets are 25 to 30% meat or meat and bone products with some formulations even containing less than 10% or even no meat products. Formulated to meet the needs of all life stages.

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