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Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs are said to be man's best friend, which is true. You can tell by the way they protect and care for you. You can feel their overwhelming loyalty all the time and their joy whenever their master is around. These qualities make them easy to love and hard to resist. And their being a pet is not a hindrance to let them know you love them back. Show it by caring for them. How? By caring for them and keeping them always in the pink which will also keep their energies up. Below are some tips on how to make your dog healthy.
Regular checkups with the veterinarian will keep you updated about your dog's health. Do not wait for her to become weak and pale before you do this because most animal disease develop undetected, or you will only know they are sick in the later stages.
Bathe them twice a week. It does not matter what breed, washing them more than once in seven days can keep their coat clean and safe from ticks. It would not make them pest-proof but prevention is the best thing to do to ward off possible infestation.
Feed them a well-screened dog food – with proteins, calcium, minerals and essential nutrients – but you can also give them people food. But not everything that we eat is safe for them too. Feeding them ‘people food' can be bad for them if done regularly. Your pet dog is at risk of becoming overweight or developing certain diseases. However, foods such as – salmon, eggs, potatoes, yogurt and apples are very much safe and beneficial to them. Just give it occasionally.     
Avoid unleashing your dogs especially if he or she is super active. This is to spare you from the headaches of retrieving them from the dog pound. It will also be safer to have them vaccinated regularly.
Dogs are ‘hot'-literally. Especially in the summer season, provide them a cool place. Also have lots of water ready for them to cool down when the weather gets tough. Some dogs die of heat stroke too.
Taking care of your pet dogs are easy and would take only pure loving to express. Follow the tips provided and enjoy the benefits.

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